Judo is a very effective Martial Art as well as a Combat Olympic Sport. The Martial Art side of Judo actually includes striking techniques and effective self defence systems, or can also be safely practiced as a "Combat Sport" which includes throwing and grappling techniques to suit all shapes and sizes, where participants can go 100% without having to hold back, safe in the knowledge that techniques applied correctly will neither injure their opponent or themselves. This makes a Judo Practitioner specialised at close contact fighting, which is what is generally needed for effective self-defence. Rakuen Martial Arts will develop each ‘Judoka’ Judo Student with correct form in the essential elements of Judo and incorporate continual variation in drills and technique development.

The benefits of doing Judo at Rakuen Martial Arts are numerous, and include development in the areas of emotional control, heightened awareness of surroundings, flexibility, building physical and emotional strength, discipline, mutual respect for others, courage and modesty. As well as the social side of meeting new people, it also develops confidence, coordination, balance, falling skills, efficiency of movement, and self-defence skills.

Judo is great for improving physical fitness, flexibility and strength and is also an excellent complement to many other sports. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu - BJJ is actually an off shoot of Judo ripped off by the Gracie Family, and although it has seen a lot of publicity in recent years from Mixed Martial Arts - MMA  it unfortunately does not provide the full package of Judo offered at Rakuen Martial Arts.


By participating in the Self Defence "Street Judo" Classes at Rakuen Martial Arts you will have the oportunity to learn many Judo Techniques that are rarely taught in Typical Judo Classes and Judo Clubs, as using these techniques are not permitted in the current International Judo Federation (IJF) Olympic Games - Competition Rules, so sadly most who have tried Judo at other Judo Dojo's don’t even know of them, however these very effective techniques are still very much part of the Original Kodokan Judo Techniques, and are still taught by Highly Qualified Instructors such as Matthew Kinstler at Rakuen Martial Arts.

At Rakuen Martial Arts we do not solely focus on Competitions as being all Judo is about, and is not our main focus when teaching the art, as we take pride in keeping the Martial Arts “Budo Spirit” alive and kicking, which includes Practical Street Style - Self Defence Techniques that incorporates Kicks, Punching, Throwing, Joint Locks, Strangles and Weapon Defence, along with Escapes and Attack Strategies in a very safe and enjoyable environment. Many people on the Gold Coast think this is Karate, in fact many people around the Gold Coast think all Martial Arts including Taekwondo, Kung Fu, BJJ and JiuJitsu is just another style of Karate, but they are mistaken as you will gladly discover.

This class is must for everyone that cares about their personal safety including Men, Women and Children being bullied or worse, attacked causing physical and psychological harm resulting in often life long trauma. Unfortunately Bullies and Thugs are not just found in Primary and High Schools, but also in every day life situations such as Adult Road Rage Incidents and Random Hostile Confrontations with Intoxicated Individuals etc.


These Classes focus on staying on the ground and fighting in a lot of situations and scenarios to trap or immobilise an Opponent with a Pin/Hold Down Technique or making them submit using Strangles and Joint Locks. Most people do not know that Brazilian Jujitsu or BJJ came from the Gracie Family studying the Ne Waza Techniques of Judo. 

In a lot of Conflict Situations on the Streets, Beaches, at Work, when at Home or during Competition Fighting (anywhere really), the fight goes to the ground so it is essential to ensure a 50/50 mix of Take Down and Ground Work Techniques are practiced regularly to be properly prepared in case your unfortunate to be caught up in a bad situation unexpectedly. It is also strongly advised to attend the Throwing and Self Defence Classes at Rakuen Martial Arts to be prepared and aware of people who may lash out with punches and kicks, called Atemi Waza (Striking Techniques) in the art of Judo.



Being good on your feet during a conflict situation can end a life treatening or competition fight instantly without having to take the risk of a rumble on the ground where you are very vulnerable, especially in a real life situation with an attackers friend coming to their aid with kicks to your head or weapon attacks. 

A Samurai would often badly injure their attacker/enemy using a perfectly executed throw with the correctly measured intent  making them unable to continue fighting . Control during execution of throwing someone is essential while practicing Judo, and when competent you can go soft or as hard as need be to ensure your safety and that of your attacker/opponent. In Judo Competitions throwing an Opponent hard and fast on their back is rewarded with an Ippon Score (Full Point) ending the fight immediately to represent an instant win, or Samuari Victory in battle. 

Before Learning your fist throw, every Student must learn the art of falling and rolling safely. At Rakuen Martial Arts we also use crash mats which are very forgiving to beginners still trying to reach competence in Ukemi (the art of falling the art of falling safely), so there are no injuries and to keep the classes fun and enjoyable. As Students gain confidence and more experience they can be thrown on the Olympic Games Standard - Foam (Tatami) Mats and they will eventually gain confidence falling to the ground in every day accident situations such as falling back off a Chair, off a Skateboard or Motorbike and much more, that would send an untrained person to Hospital with broken bones or worse.

Once adequate training and progress has been made by Students in this Class they are introduced to Randori (Free style throwing practice) with a training partner and this is where the fun really jumps up to awesome, as it is relative to Human/Kinetic Chess, a game of strategy. This is done under the strict supervision of a qualified instructor to offer help and guidance.




Judo Kata is an exercise and presentation of art of Judo that can be practiced softly, and is also the most accurate method of training for beginners and advanced students.

The Kata taught at Rakuen Martial Arts are:

  1. Nage no Kata - Learn how to throw others to the mat with precision and timing by attending these classes.
  2. Katame no Kata - Learn how to apply pins, strangles and arm bars with precision. Also in this class students learn how to counter someone’s attacks.
  3. Goshin Jitsu - Learn to defend yourself confidently against various street attack scenarios such as being attacked from a distance, whilst being held or being attacked with a weapon.
  4. Atemi Waza Kata The “Seiroku Zunyo Kokumin Taiiku” - Learn  striking techniques


Rakuen Matial Arts is a Member of Judo Australia (Qld), which means Rakuen Martial Arts Students are able to participate in Local Competitions and later National and International Tournaments if wishing to do so. Local Judo Competitions are normally held in Brisbane every 4-8 weeks as well as Country Locations from time to time including the Gold Coast.