Judo was created as a physical and mental exercise. It is often recognized as a modern martial art which later got evolved into a combat sport. Its main and focused feature is to either throw or takedown an opponent to the ground. Rakuen Martial Arts is an academy which nurtures, prepares and develops into 'Judoka' with essential components of judo and engulfs constant development in techniques and drills. Judo actually means a 'gentle way' to combat, and the one who practices is called a 'judoka.' The two individuals involved in this form of sport use their balance, power, movement and gripping of the opponent's judo uniform called as 'judogi' to defeat each other.

Judo Self Defense classes at Rakuen Martial Arts, Gold Coast helps you to develop an immense amount of physical prowess and mental discipline as well. Few of the techniques and skills for doing in judo are like Lifting and throwing opponents onto their back, controlling and pinning them down to the ground and application of different chokeholds and joint locks until to your opposite tastes his/her defeat. By including Judo as a daily practice in your routine, one can develop a great foundation for his skills for judo, abilities, and knowledge that could eventually allow them to be a daunting competitor for his/her opponent in the match which helps him or her to develop into high-class athletes.

Rakuen Martial Arts at Gold Coast offers a self-defense curriculum classes which assists in incorporating techniques that can be performed by any average common person. Judo in this competitive world of sports still has its own importance as it is one of the most top rated ways to prepare yourself for any physical conflicts which is inherently effective on the street and in the place of combat. Rakuen Martial Arts Judo Self-Defense Training Classes make use of actual Japanese Combat Forms which involves defenses against all forms of armed or unarmed attacks, making use of throws, arm locks, strikes, and kicks, etc.

There are many benefits of Judo which begin with self-defense as described already. Judo was created as a sport more than it to be a martial art. It doesn't only make you learn skills such as balance, coordination and effective motion, but it also aids to lower down your risks of facing and sustaining serious and massive injuries while performing in other sports. Studies have found out that it helps you build confidence, trust, self-discipline and mutual respect for each and other. It positively affects both of your body and mind proving to be a good sport which includes fluid movement which is a kind of meditation, helping you to calm your mind and soothing your soul. If you have lost your faith in working out for fitness, then judo is the thing you can resort to. It can get you up and make you move in a way never experienced before. It combines physical activity, self-defense skills, and spiritual development together which makes it a great activity that not only keeps you fit but also motivated as well.