Judo is a physically demanding activity that requires a great deal of cooperative work. By its very nature, it builds confidence in the body and relationships given the emphasis on self-control, respect, and care for the partner.  More than just building a better athlete, sports should make a person better. Judo Classes for kids at Rakuen Martial Arts, Gold Coast develop discipline, manners, punctuality, strength, stamina, and confidence which all are important elements that are required for success and to earn respect in society.

One of the unique things which are taught at Rakuen Martial Arts, Gold Coast, is the mutual respect for each other. While training for it, this respect gets converted into high levels of discipline, improved self-confidence and esteem and discipline as well. As we know that Judo is a combat sport, the training that children undertake is in a real sense the preparation to face varieties of challenges in life. It makes the kid be self-reliant and developed enough that he gathers the ability to think, in what ways he can combat the situation.

The character building in Judo comes from the ability to be thrown on the mat and then get back, face the opponent and never accept the defeat. Kids also learn that winning is not always important. Instead the time and effort you have dedicated towards your training and finding the courage to compete even in serious conditions is what makes you stand out of the crowd. They get introduced to the very aspect of life, and they do it by the concept of grading. To get promoted to higher levels, it’s very basic to be responsible while taking lessons which eventually help in succeeding. Another aspect of judo is self-defense. There are many stalkers and bullies out there whom the parents fear. Children gain fitness and agility to face such situations as they are self-confident enough.

At Rakuen Martial Arts, Gold Coast the kids are assisted in improving their coping abilities and get their anxieties reduced. Children who are overweight and obese can achieve good physical and emotional gains by participating actively in Judo. Here the kid’s classes for Judo are categorized into three. First one is for children ranging from the age of 4 to 7 years. It is for both girls and boys. Little kids are made to play fun-filled judo skill games which are focused on the development of skills such as falling safely, improving concentration, balance, confidence and muscle development. Once they achieve their Yellow belt, they would be eligible to take parts in Judo Club Competitions.

The next one is the category of kids from 7 years to 13 years of age. These Martial Arts Classes at Gold Coast are 'energy burners' which primarily involve children in making use of physical energy. These are focused mainly on developing basic fitness as well as core skills of judo such as coordination, flexibility and many other through fun games. Kids learn basic throwing and grappling while having fun in a safe environment which is a part of the National syllabus of the Judo Federation of Australia.

There's an All Ages Judo Class as well where Family Judo classes are conducted every week a twice times which is open to members of all age groups. It enables the parents who want to get involved along with their children to perform activities.