Judo is a type of martial art which originates from Japan. It has since developed into an Olympic sport, which is practiced by millions of people all over the world. This article takes a look at the history of Judo, common techniques, its benefits of judo, benefits of martial art and how you can learn Judo at Martial Arts Gold Coast. The following also explains why you need judo class for your kids.

Judo is a type of self-defense art that will also help you in maintaining  a healthy body shape and flexibility.

Judo kids' classes significantly improve a child's self-confidence through facing challenges in each class they come to.


Judo was founded originally in 1882 by the Japanese educator and polymath, Jigoro Kano. Kano became disillusioned  with the practice of Jujitsu, which had become an increasingly  unpopular style of martial art in Japan. He took several different features from Jujitsu and opened up his first school in a Buddhist temple in Tokyo. The principles for Judo were based around seiryoku zen'yo, which loosely translates to maximum efficiency, minimum effort, as well as jita kyoi, which means mutual welfare and benefit.


The person who performs a technique is called a tori, while the person who it is being performed on is known as a uke.

Judo is based around three different styles oftechniques:

• Nage-waza  (throwing techniques)

• Katame-waza (grappling  techniques)

• Atemi-waza  (striking techniques)

Throwing  techniques are based on some categories, including standing techniques, sacrifice techniques, hip techniques, hand techniques, foot and leg techniques, rear sacrifice techniques, and side sacrifice techniques.

Grappling techniques  are used to hold a uke on their back. There are three main categories of grappling techniques: holding or pinning techniques, strangulation techniques,  and joint techniques, which are also known as locks. Striking techniques are used to disable a uke, and to strike them in a vital point on the body.


I. Judo has some benefits for the mind, body, and soul. Because it is a contact sport, it can increase stamina, coordination, the efficiency of movement, and mental discipline. It is also an excellent form of self-defense.

2. The principles taught in judo at Kids Martial Arts Gold Coast may also be beneficial in other sports, such as football and rugby. Judo will teach people how to fall safely and effectively without causing injury to oneself, which is also helpful for contact sports.

3. Judo also has spiritual benefits. Movements  are often fluid and act as a sort of meditation. There are some breathing techniques which will lift the spirit. People who have been practicing Judo at Kids Martial Arts Gold Coast report a reduction in stress levels and a clearer mind.

Since Judo is a type of martial art, the followings are the benefits of signing up martial arts for your kids. Please note, the following benefits also apply to judo

1.    Ability to Focus

One of the biggest things martial arts classes help with is focus. Technology  has caused more children to be stuck on their tablets, cell phones, and computers. These classes are designed at Martial Arts Gold Coast to allow your child to be comfortable  with silence and being able to focus. When your child can sit and focus, they will do better on tests and solve problems. Nothing feels better for a child and a parent than seeing grades improve.

2.     Gain Self-Confidence

Self-confidence is something that many children struggle with. At Martial Arts Gold Coast, children will be given the resources to work on themselves and realize that they have their talents. Martial Arts Gold Coast Instructors work to make sure children is respected and never talks down to a student in learning. Your child will learn that there will always be someone who is stronger than they are, but they are growing every day.

3.    Connect with themselves

Learning to respect your limits and becoming aware of your surroundings is another key aspect to Martial Arts Gold Coast. Children are taught not only to fight, but also to be aware of themselves and those around them. They will use all of their senses to overcome fear and prevent being caught in a dangerous situation.


The best way to learn Judo is to take a class at Martial Arts Gold Coast. Different classes are adapted for all different skill levels at Kids Martial Arts Gold Coast. If it is your first class, then you may want to join a beginner's lesson, or just watch so that you can get an idea of what it involves. There are also classes that are designed for children and teenagers. At Kids Martial Arts Gold Coast, we use reputable and trusted teachers, to ensure that you are learning Judo in a safe way.