Judo is a Martial Art that includes striking techniques and effective self defence systems, or can also be safely practices as a sport which includes throwing and grappling techniques to suit all shapes and sizes. Judo is a fighting sport where participants can go 100% without having to hold back, safe in the knowledge that techniques applied correctly will neither injure their opponent or themselves. This makes a Judo player specialised at close-in fighting – which is what is generally needed for effective self-defence. Rakuen Martial Arts will develop each ‘Judoka’ with correct form in the essential elements of Judo and incorporate continual variation in drills and technique development. The benefits of doing Judo Rakuen Martial Arts are numerous. As well as the social side of meeting new people, it also develops confidence, coordination, balance, falling skills, efficiency of movement, and self-defence skills. Judo is great for improving physical fitness, flexibility and strength and is also an excellent complement to other sports.


Four times a week at Rakuen Martial Arts we run Family Judo Classes which are open to all members of all ages including Parents wanting to do an activity with there Children. Open to ages 6 and over.


Taking part in theses classes will give you an all over cardio and strength training workout, it helps improve endurance, co-ordination and stamina. Everyone from elite athletes to supermodels have long been touting the benefits of practising striking techniques as a complete body workout. Our Judo Striking & Grappling Class has people ranging from Martial Arts Fighters of all ages to Mums and Dads just having a workout. Allowing you to develop superior upper body strength, core strength, quickness and agility, cardiovascular fitness and improved posture all at the same time. These classes are great for all ages and fitness levels.


Using Kudo Full Face Safety Masks and Special Kudo Gloves Students will practise attack and defence of throws, kicks and punches combined in a very fun and safe environment. Judo Uniforms and Ranking Belts are to be worn as usual as this class combines the Judo Atemi Waza (Striking Techniques)  with Nage Waza (Throwing Techniques) and Katame Waza (Pins, Strangles and Joint Lock Techniques). 


Judo Kata is an exercise and presentation of art of Judo that can be practiced softly, and is also the most accurate method of training for beginners and advanced students.

The four different Kata Classes taught at Rakuen Martial Arts are:

  1. Nage no Kata (Fifteen difference throws): Learn how to throw others to the mat with precision and timing by attending these classes
  2. Katame no Kata (Fifteen difference groundwork techniques): Learn how to apply pins, strangles and arm bars with precision. Also in this class students learn how to counter someone’s attacks.
    Goshin Jitsu (Twenty one defences) Learn to defend yourself confidently against various street attack scenarios such as being attacked from a distance, whilst being held or being attacked with a weapon.
  3. Atemi Waza Kata (Twenty eight striking techniques) The “Seiroku Zunyo Kokumin Taiiku” Kata practised for 15-20 minutes, and then the timer buzzes to start working out on the Fun Boot Camp Style Circuit with various exercise equipment to energising music (good for all fitness levels). Finishing off the night’s session with a quick run through of the striking and stretching exercises again.


Rakuen Judo Academy is a Member of the Judo Federation of Australia (Qld), which means Rakuen Martial Arts Students who have graded to Yellow Belt or above are able to participate in Local Competitions and later National and International Tournaments if wishing to do so. Local Judo Competitions are normally held in Brisbane every 4-8 weeks as well as Country Locations from time to time including the Gold Coast.