Funding for young people to participate. Click on the link to find out the dates for the next round and whether your child is eligible for a voucher of up to $150.


Judo is a physically demanding activity that requires a great deal of cooperative work. By its very nature it builds confidence in the body and in relationships given the emphasis on self-control, respect and care for the partner. We provide a fun program that uses games, drills and exercises to develop our youngsters Agility, Balance, Coordination and Confidence. As their skills and fitness progress, we move them forward through our grading syllabus. Feedback from parents has told us that the children seem to improve their ability to concentrate and focus not only on the mat but in other aspects of their lives. The quick pace of the junior classes and focus on positive reinforcement brings out the best in students. Judo is more than a just another Martial Art or Sport, the lessons learned are transferable to situations away from the Gym (Dojo) and we often use elements of Judo as a metaphor for bigger life lessons. The benefits of judo for children include fitness, flexibility, co-ordination, self confidence and discipline. In addition, as kids judo includes no kicking and no punching, it is also very popular with parents! Children can start judo from as young as four (4 years old) and it is suitable for both boys and girls. At Rakuen Martial Arts on the Gold Coast, our Kids Martial Art and Fitness Activity Classes focus on having fun and centre on games and activities which build Judo Skills.


  • Fun games orientated learning to stimulate childerens imagination and encourage fun engagement
  • Kids Judo is unique in teaching skills of falling without injury thus reducing the likelihood of injury in other sports.
  • Self-control and respect for the rules and for others are integral to Judo and are fostered through partner and team activity.
  • Children who are overweight or obese can achieve and gain physical and emotional benefits from their participation in Judo.
  • Judo is an effective and realistic self defense method.
  • Judo is based on standing, grappling and gymnastic movements and not kicking and punching.


Our littlies classes are fun and very low impact. They are a basic introduction to the wonderful world of judo movement and principles. Martial Arts Classes for Boys and Girls (4-7 years of age) provides children from the Gold Coast with some basic judo and co-ordination skills, and by taking part in lots of fun children’s activities (judo skill games) these classes will help improve your son or daughters ability to fall safely, focus, concentration abilities, balance, confidence, self-control, muscle development, coordination, and respect to others to name a few points. Once students have achieved their Yellow Belt successful grading they will have the opportunity to attend Judo Club Competitions that will help to fine tune their judo skills, learn to confidently overcome problems and help foster a good character. Please ensure your child wears thongs to classes, brings a water bottle, grading manual, is clean, nails are clipped and has good breath and no bad body odor.


These Kids Martial Arts Classes focus on developing basic fitness as well as core judo skills such as balance, co-ordination, flexibility and learning to fall safely (break-falls). Children will learn basic throwing and grappling techniques as per the National syllabus of the Judo Federation of Australia. The class activities are “energy burners”, high in physical activity and energy. Most importantly, the classes are fun. Many of the activities are game based where the children are learning core skills of judo while having fun in a safe environment. These classes focus on the core skills needed for judo including balance, coordination,
flexibility, fitness, speed, agility and break-falls (learning to fall safely). Basic throwing and grappling techniques are reinforced and extended to include combinations, counters, gripping and timing. Technical tuition follows the National syllabus of the Judo Federation of Australia. There is also a strong focus on having fun with games based activities to help improve the core skills above.


Four times a week at Rakuen Martial Arts we run Family Judo Classes which are open to all members of all ages including Parents wanting to do an activity with there Children. Open to 6 years of age and over.

JUDO KATA CLASSES  (Must be Yellow Belt or higher to attend)

Judo Kata is an exercise and presentation of art of Judo that can be practiced softly, and is also the most accurate method of training for beginners and advanced students.

The four different Kata Classes taught at Rakuen Martial Arts are:

  1. Nage no Kata (Fifteen difference throws): Learn how to throw others to the mat with precision and timing by attending these classes 
  2. Katame no Kata (Fifteen difference groundwork techniques): Learn how to apply pins, strangles and arm bars with precision. Also in this class students learn how to counter someone’s attacks.
  3. Goshin Jitsu (Twenty one defences) Learn to defend yourself confidently against various street attack scenarios such as being attacked from a distance, whilst being held or being attacked with a weapon.
    Atemi Waza Kata (Twenty eight striking techniques) The “Seiroku Zunyo Kokumin Taiiku” Kata practised for 15-20 minutes, and then the timer buzzes to start working out on the Fun Boot Camp Style Circuit with various exercise equipment to energising music (good for all fitness levels). Finishing off the night’s session with a quick run through of the striking and stretching exercises again.


Taking part in theses classes will give you an all over cardio and strength training workout, it helps improve endurance, co-ordination and stamina. Everyone from elite athletes to supermodels have long been touting the benefits of practising striking techniques as a complete body workout. Our No Uniform Striking & Grappling Classes have people ranging from Martial Arts Fighters of all ages to Mums and Dads just having a workout. Allowing you to develop superior upper body strength, core strength, quickness and agility, cardiovascular fitness and improved posture all at the same time. These classes are great for all ages and fitness levels.


Rakuen Martial Arts is a Member of the Judo Federation of Australia (Qld), which means Rakuen Martial Arts Students who have graded to Yellow Belt or above are able to participate in Local Competitions and later National and International Tournaments if wishing to do so. Local Judo Competitions are normally held in Brisbane every 4-8 weeks as well as Country Locations from time to time including the Gold Coast.